Monday, August 16, 2010

Lease is up....

When Pat and I first moved to Austin, we had a horrific time trying to find a place to live...

Not a big mystery as to why.... We were not exactly the most perspective housemates. After we relocated, Pat was jobless.... I have this modeling career that is very difficult to explain to civilians... Plus, it is nearly paperless (no proof of income). We were looking for a petfriendly house that would be cool with Motel-Cat-Perry (who, after being on the road for two months, still did not have her shots) - Jobless and traveling with a dirty motel cat got worse, because Pat and I were also moving in as a couple!... Not many housemates will take in couples, too much drama comes with bad relationships...

With the odds set against us, we sent out eighty emails ... heard back from four people: The lady with the smelly house, 'gated apartment complex' guy, lady with the fiesty Rottweiler that would have Nom-Nomed on Perry's little cat head, and then John and Bryn....

Thinking back on it, if John and Bryn had not answered our email.... I have no idea where Pat and I would have ended up.  We would have been stuck in San Antonio, living in the dark guest bedroom, at Tim Summa's for months - Instead, we moved into a really nice 1950's house, on a quiet road, off of 2222 and Lamar, $225 a person - A big backyard, driveway, nice front porch with sunflowers in our front lawn.... Perry spends her time catching cockroaches and lizards. My bedroom gets more light than the entire house - I find that it is impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed... Mornings here are full of sunlight and just make me incredibly happy, especially if Patrick is still cuddled up in bed next to me...

Sad part about this whole story, is that this house is truly falling apart (electric is sketch, toilet doesn't work properly, air conditioning sucks, ceilings cracked, doors are settling in the wrong places).... When John and Bryn signed the lease, it was for a single year - The landlord plans to have the place demolished this summer....  With that said.... The lease is up in two and half weeks... We need to be out on September 1st..


Rico said...

I am really sorry to hear that. I am sure something else will come through for you and yours. I wish you luck.

vikingman said...

As every blossom wilts and every youth yield to age
blooms every step of life, and every wisdom and every virtue
in its time and shall not last forever.

At every step in life must the heart
be prepared for loss and new beginnings,
with courage and without sorrow
in others, to offer new attachments/bonds.

In every beginning there is a magic,
that protects us and helps us to live.

We should cheerfully stride from place to place
without attachment to any one or nation.
The world's spirit shall not make us captive,
but will lift us from step to step, onwards.
Scarcely as we are come into life
and are finally at home, then threatens loss of vigor.
Only those who are ready to depart and travel,
may be comfortable with this.
It will perhaps that the hour of our death
will send us to meet new rooms,
Life's call to us shall not end.
Therefore, my heart, grasp the farewell and recover.

Hermann Hesse German poet

EVAN said...

Your ex-roomates sound amazing. I often think of leaving NYC bcuz the sense of community in a large city is non-existent and I would never consider a roomie here. I wish You, Pat and Perry the best of luck and hope you find a (more permanent) place (with lots of trees). You deal with enough in your life and should have that special place you can curl up in between your travels at least. I look forward to hearing the good news. As always...all the best to you doll. xoxo