Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adventure in AZ....

Tomorrow I fly to Tucson, meet Matthew at the airport (he gets in an hour before I do).... Tracy will pick us up and the adventure begins! Excited to see my people... Have not seen Matthew since April (which really was not that long ago) but I have not seen Tracy since I moved into my apartment wayyyy back in October... it has been awhile...

For Matt's birthday... I bought him tickets to all kinds of fun festivals and things for the next two weeks. First will be a small Burning Man event called Toast! Good times camping and hanging out with awesome people.... Matt has been to a few regional burns - including Firefly in Vermont and the NYC decompression. This will be my first regional, (although I am also attending Burning Flipside at the end of this month in TX... two burns in one month! Go me!)

From the Toast, Tracy, Matthew and I all drive out to Phx to work a full week.... From Phx to the Joshua Tree Music Festival - The three of us shall dance like total psychos throughout the weekend - Joshua Tree Fest is mostly loud soulful reggae/funk/dance music (gonna shake what my momma gave me) Camping on site all weekend in Tracy's giant Burning Man tent - From there, we head to LA for a jam packed work week - If I can get enough sleep on this trip, I am expecting it to be a blast... *crosses fingers*

Photos:  Malibu - May 2009

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