Monday, November 9, 2009

Facebook Page

You can now add me on Facebook:
London Andrews

No longer using the clutter-fuck-that-is-myspace. If you need to contact me, these are the sites I frequent often: Blogspot, modelmayhem, twitter, gmail, and facebook (I prefer Mayhem and Gmail for work related emails, though) - Juggling photographers, highschool friends, cousins, fans, naked models doing promo on facebook was both difficult and risky using my real name. Feel free to add the London Facebook page, though - seems that someone even started a fan-page!

1 comment:

semi234 said...

A-freakin'-men to your MySpace sentiment!

Between the spam hookups emails (they do make great fodder for my "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Email Account" series), crappy personalized profile setups, people putting eight gadjillion scrolling picture slideshows on their profile page, crappy music that overrides whatever I'm listening to at the moment, I've pretty much abandoned it.

Its the only site that locks up my computer to a crawl.