Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to: Pick up a Girl

Received a message on myspace the other day from a guy who was hoping I could give him some advice on how to pick up a girl.... I am not sure if I can really help with that... but here is a scenario that worked on me.... : )

Find a girl you like... get up the balls to go talk to her (that is the hardest part). Then try to pproach her without expectations. It is much easier to have a conversation ...if you are not worrying about the outcome (ie. getting laid, bringing her home, having her babies... whatever...) Never ever ever ever compliment a girl on her looks - Ever. You can compliment her on her clothes, accessories, her shoes, anything she is wearing - She has control over her style but not her genes..... Ask her questions, let her talk, be interested. If you spend the whole time talking at her, she most likely will not feel a connection with you, which is what you are looking for - so try to keep the conversation in her court. After about ten minutes, tell her that you have some place you need to be or that you have friends that are waiting on you or something .... and leave. At this point the girl will probably be really confused.... Were you not into her? Is something wrong? After a minute or two... go back, tell her that enjoyed talking to her. "Can I get your email address?" Now an email address is not threatening. She can ignore emails, she can read them. She will most likely say, "Sure." While she is writing down her email, ask her to put her number down as well.... she is already saying Yes in her head, she will most likely write down her number without second guessing it.... and there you go...


Jim in Huntsville said...

There's another way to pick up a girl:

Approach her from her side (right or left doesn't matter, but in this case we'll use her left). Place your right arm under her left arm and behind her shoulders. Place your left arm behind her knees.

Lift with your legs and not your back to avoid injury.

Ignore her screams and her pounding on your head. It's just her way of saying that she's interested.

PD said...

Gotta think this all looks good on the resume.
For me, getting the balls up is the hard part. After that its downhill. Downhill,& how many times I put my foot in my mouth. Thanks for the tips. Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well down there.

Hey Viking! Thanks for the tip also. I read The Alchemist last Saturday. I have never read a whole book in one day before. I did with this one. Could not put it down. Usually not what I read, but I'm glad I did. Thanks again.

vikingman said...

Hi everybody!!
Felt like getting rid of some "forest", the Gump was too near,(not like me at all), like this one better, slight identity change, hope nobody minds....

A contribution "to the theme" from:, issue 176,
Paolo Cuelho, of course...

"Why we (women) love men" ( a tiny excerpt),I quite like it:

1 – We women are born detectives. In our eyes, all men are suspect and their adventures will end up being discovered – it’s just a matter of time.

"( 10 minutes is more than enough....gggggg)"

2 – Even if we are not in love with you, hearing “I love you” is a balm to our souls. And if you don’t say it, we will notice and become sad.

3 – The same thing happens with “you are beautiful”. It takes less than two seconds to say these three magical words, which can change our nightmares into real fairy tales.

4 – If we ask what clothes we should wear, don’t be annoyed if we put on exactly the opposite of what you chose – that’s part of our nature.

5 – At a party we are capable of scanning the whole room in less than a minute to find out what interests us. Just watch.


thanks so much for the comment on the alchemist, so glad You liked it !!!
Found a number of elements of my own life in it,almost scary...
my actual state of life is working at the crystal merchants, brushing up some sales!
As according to Cuelho, the best is yet to come!!!

Been "eating" the Alchemist's follow-up book "Brida" last week, not as moving, a love story, witches, magicians and double-soul mates in one game, quite nice though!! A bit more to read!!

Love it!!
Thank You!

vikingman said...

thought I'd just let You know, how courageous and honest I consider this chapter!

Thank YOU so much!

There is some emphasis on NOT commenting about the looks, which I'd quite like to hear more about, ....if possible.
Always thought, that women would like to get some feedback on their appearance or attractiveness, sounds like I was terribly wrong then.
What can make her loose control over her looks?
Never thought of it that way..

Thank You!!!

vikingman said...
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Topless New York said...

Vikingman -

It's not that you shouldn't compliment a woman on her looks because she's "lost control" over them... it's because for the most part, she had nothing to do with them in the first place. A woman's beauty is a genetic accident. She might work at keeping her skin fresh and her body in good shape, but her parents and fate dealt her the material she has to work with, and complimenting that doesn't value her choices as much as complimenting her clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.

One exception I've found over the years (not that I should be held up as any great example for picking up girls) is that women like it when you compliment their smiles. It also encourages them to smile again, which is always a nice way to start a conversation - and may even help her remember you as someone who made her smile.

vikingman said...

Topless New York,

thank You so much for Your wonderful explanation to this, for me unknown topic!

quite like those "genetic accidents" ;-) ,
there seem to be a lot of very different points of view of women and men on small but quite meaningful subjects, or topics, thank You for enlightening one small detail from a for me completely different point of view!!

Am tempted to ask for more,( seems like You know more in this field), unfortunately without further detailed questions...

Have a feeling there are some general "misunderstandings" in women-men contact and relations, due to the different way of looking at situations, feelings and emotions, which I consider worth talking about..
(Not meaning those men, that are not aware of their feelings,or don't dare to talk about them or are afraid to be hurt.)

More like small differences in small women-men points of view, comments etc, would be very nice to learn more about it...., from those who seem to know....

thank You so much,
already now,!!!

really appreciated Your comment!!