Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween..

How you like them pumpkins....? : )


Chris Ward said...


Geo said...

Happy Halloween...Be safe tonight!

Aaron Riveroll said...

delicious and foxy. ;) happy haloween!!

PD said...

Thanks for the pumpkins. Did not get the chance to carve any this year. Have a good time at the party.
Happy Halloween

Kev said...

So what do you go as? Had to work today, so I came as 'Tech Support:' I put people on hold for thirty minutes, gave instructions out of sequence and transferred calls to the wrong departments.

Of course, I do that every day, but today I could justify it as role-playing.

forestviking said...

pumpkins take a longer time to travel through copper wires, they only just reached this end!SO WOW!

Thank You so much!

Happy Halloween to YOU!!

pumpkins , people and decorations gathering as well, north of the Alps..

Love it!

Alfred said...

Alfred now thinks Halloween is the greatest holiday. MEOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...


- hammer